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Want the Open World team to present at your event? We are happy to come to your school or conference to talk about our mission, share its story and how similar initiatives can be started. Below you can find many of the themes of our presentations. A large percentage of the costs associated with booking us for an event is redirected back into our organization. 

Topic Areas

Opening the World

In this presentation we will tell you our story, including the setbacks, triumphs and lessons learned throughout the beginning stages of the cause. The focus is to bring attention to the kinds of initiatives that can occur within the classroom, with a realistic look at how we made our project function. We explore topics like student leadership, project development, fundraising in school and lessons of trial and error.

Education As a Revolution

Here, we’ll tell a bit of our story. The bigger focus is on how to start hands-on learning initiatives in the classroom with tools and testimony. These support what we believe is a curriculum capable of maintaining the potential for revolution in school. With the ability to change the world from the keys of our devices, we will explore resources and apps that can be used to start and organize projects, in addition to sharing how other classrooms have done so in partnership with Open World.

Student & Teacher Tools for Entrepreneurship

Aimed at giving students the tools they need to start a classroom project focused on business skills, we’ll discuss ways to get a head start on life by developing skills in website creation, video editing, social media marketing and networking. This presentation is great for students and teachers who want to explore hands-on learning experiences and their potentials.

Classroom Tools for Fundraising Projects

With fundraising taking so many different forms, in this presentation we will focus on the aspects that we found successful and unsuccessful in the early stages of our project. We’ll also be providing tools and opportunity for individuals to brainstorm and create mock ideas for projects of their own. This session is very interactive and promotes the skills the Open World team developed in high school and beyond to help develop their own model.

Should you struggle to get into contact with an organization representative, please check out our Facebook page and send us a message there!

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