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Project Spotlight

During the summer of 2012, the Open World team met Kim Herron, an elementary school teacher from Inman, KS, who has big ideas and an open approach to experimenting in the classroom. Her 6th grade classes have produced amazing examples of technology integration and learning year after year, especially with her use of Google Sketchup to engage her students with multiple subjects interactively.

Kim’s approach is special. For this precise reason, Open World asked her to be involved in a project of our own – one that would involve her classroom and the students of the SAV School. “Building the Dream School” was an initiative that sought to join two classrooms, separated by thousands of miles, and allowed them to collaborate on designing brand new school buildings.

Our goal of giving the students of the SAV School new classrooms is not one that comes easily. We approached Kim Herron with this idea, that would allow the students in Nepal to draw and design their dream school, which would then be planned and recreated by her 6th grade classroom. Our intention was to start this project as an effort of collaboration; something that would show the potential of pairing classrooms internationally. The results of this effort won a 3rd place award at KSTL in multimedia presentation, and follows below:

A Student-Created Website and other Multimedia

The students at Inman Elementary created a website to document everything they were doing as they worked on different designs. Complete with photos, a mission statement and a blog, the students worked hard to showcase what they had done.

Feel free to explore their creations!

Herron’s Happenings: Open World Project

The Student Mission

“Ben Honeycutt and Connor Janzen, founders of the Open World Cause Project, came to tell us about the SAV School in Nepal. We were told that this school is made of mud-brick constructions and that the walls fall in heavy rain. In addition, they do not have constant electricity, running water, full-time teachers and are losing their school grounds.

The mission they have challenged us with is to design a school using Google Sketchup. The school must be self-sustained, made of affordable resources and meet budget guidelines. Schools designed will be printed with our 2Bot 3-D Model Making Printer and submitted to the school director.”

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