The power of remote cultural exchange is inspiring and informative.

Collaborative Opportunity

Skype has been a revolutionary tool in not only connecting with the SAV School for the first time, but also in aiding their efforts to connect with other schools worldwide. In a big way, it has become what we like to call a “Pen Pals 2.0” program, where we use the web to create opportunities for learning and cultural exchange with students and teachers around the world. Video conferencing, in general, has truly helped us in so many ways. 

Classroom Projects

Some of our most successful classroom projects have used video conferencing as a meeting tool for students in the United States and those they have been partnered with abroad. This gives kids and adults alike a chance not only to allow conversations to develop, but also to give them a better chance at connecting with those they are helping. 

Fundraisers, group learning experiences and exchange of important cultural values have all been integral parts of these kinds of connections. We are proud to make meetings possible between individuals and students who are many miles away. 

If you happen to be interested in pursuing a remote partnership with one of our partner schools in Kenya or Nepal, please let us know!

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