More than 2 billion people live without proper access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Help us bring clean water to more communities.

Project: Purus

The Idea

Purus strives to provide schools in developing nations access to clean water to increase the health of the community, and grant children the freedom to live their lives as educated members of society.

We believe that good health should go hand in hand with providing communities proper educational facilities. 

Its History

Project Purus started in 2013 by Garrett Wilkinson and Aaron Brzowski as an extension of the work done through the Open World Cause back in 2011. Since that time, Purus has created multiple efforts to assist with better water access in multiple communities internationally. Those ventures include the SAV School, TriKA School, Child Protection Centers and Services, the Umbrella Foundation, and Next Generation Nepal in Nepal. Additionally, those services have extended to churches, medical clinics, and community centers in La Gonave and Nan Zeb, Haiti.

Project Purus and the Open World Cause continue to align themselves in their efforts to bring better educational access and better health to numerous communities around the world.

Our Mission

Access to clean water is a coveted human right and one we take very seriously. It is a part of our overarching mission to, in our best capacity, provide that water to every community we are partnered with. Classroom fundraisers that involve students domestically with a tangible goal are incredibly successful at addressing this need. At a mere $35-50 per filter, families no longer need to rely on water prone to dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Let’s do this, today. 


Clean Water is a Human Right

While in Nepal, we brought over 30 filters with us to distribute to families. During our stay, members of the community learned how to assemble, use and maintain their filters. When it’s this simple to provide clean water to different parts of the world, the mission becomes very clear. 

Help Project: Purus Grow

Project: Purus, established by cause member Garrett Wilkinson, is our standalone operation dedicated solely to clean water access in the communities we serve. You can contribute to this effort today.