Every teacher or student who has worked with our partners shares a remarkable tale.

David Kenny was one of the SAV School’s first volunteers in addition to being a fantastic informant for our cause in its earliest stages. David’s visit to the school helped catalyze the project by providing answers to numerous questions we had about the school, its students and Govinda, its director. Without his contributions and knowledge of the school itself, it’s quite likely that the Open World Cause would not have developed as quickly as it has. During his visit, David set a precedent for many teacher involvements. We are incredibly grateful for his contributions to our organization and the school itself!


I have taught around the world and, by far, the SAV School was the most under-resourced school functioning on goodwill.

David Kenny

Visiting Teacher, SAV School

Over a couple of weeks, my students made an effort to raise money for the school by coming up with various ideas that would amount to $248 raised that the SAV School would be able to use to support a pre-kindergarten class for an entire year. The four students collaborated with a group of fifth graders who filmed the morning news show for the school. One student created a plan for saving money; wherein, rather than buying snacks or needless items, the students would contribute that money to a fund. For days during lunch and breakfast time at the school, the students would brainstorm and begin working immediately thereafter. After raising the money, they wrapped their project up by creating a poster for Wendi to take on her travels, which would go on to wow the students of the SAV School. You can read more about this wonderful collaboration here!


A photo enthralled some of my students. They learned the school had no electricity or running water. They noticed the differences between our physical learning environment and theirs. And two of my girls decided they wanted to raise money for the school and its students. By lunchtime they had recruited two more girls to help.

Wendy Pillars

Visiting Teacher & Collaborator, SAV School

Kim Herron is a 6th grade teacher at an elementary school located in Inman, KS. Known for her creative and ambitious projects, we reached out to her with an idea we had after connecting at Podstock, an annual educational conference that we have attended and presented at during the last two years. The conference took place in  the summer of 2012, and in the spring semester of 2013, a collaboration took place that will be cemented in the history of the SAV School for generations to come.

The idea surrounding the project was born from a concept of allowing the students of a classroom in the United States to work with a group of students from the SAV School. With access to a 3D printer and a curriculum that promoted skills like web design and use of Google Sketchup, Kim’s classroom worked to bring drawings the SAV students created to life. Initially, the students in Nepal made drawings of their “dream school” and Kim’s students responded with grand plans that involved knowledge of the geography, the architecture of the region and calculations for infrastructure and more. Their project culminated with a website dedicated to their designs and research in addition to models created by the 3D printer. This kind of collaboration gave Kim’s students a chance to create a project that required broad skillsets, and the SAV students a chance to see their dream school realized. Their efforts brought them 3rd place at the KSTL conference in multimedia presentation. You can read more about this project here.

Kim Herron's Students

Collaborating Classroom, SAV School

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