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Many families and indigenous peoples in Dang, Nepal can now afford to send their children to school because of TriKA!

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The Tripur Kinder Academy in Nepal is a new school serving the community of Dang. We are currently funding school construction, school lunches and other programs. Donating here directs your money to this specific cause.


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History of the School

After a successful partnership with two Belgian organizations known as Namri and Edukado, the Open World Cause was able to assist in funding a brand new school for Govinda and his future students. Known as the Tripur Kindur Academy, or TriKA, the school broke ground in the summer of 2014 and reached initial completion in March of 2015. This was all made possible by the Edukado team, who physically traveled and built the school themselves. There are still classrooms to add, studies to conduct and students to recruit. We couldn’t be more thrilled about our continued involvement with Govinda, not to mention being witnesses to his continued success and dedication in the classroom.

We recently discovered that the school itself is currently going to serve about 30 new students and is expanding. After some initial research, we also found ourselves valuing (more than ever) Govinda’s mission to teach English to students in rural areas of Nepal. Located in Narayanpur, Nepal, Govinda is serving a brand new community and will contribute greatly to educational access in the region. It should be noted that studies by other programs in Nepal continuously reveal the strength of rural programs, with students receiving an education in this way performing much better than those who are forced to attend metropolitan, capitalistic programs established by their government. With problems in areas of available teachers, quality of education and the ability to provide adequate life skills, we have a strong desire to further prove just how necessary and valuable Govinda’s schooling program has truly become.

Current Critical Needs

With political and economic stability in flux, Nepal and the TriKA school need our help more than ever. The school is growing, but funds for school lunch and the necessary materials to complete its new structures are growing slim. We are constantly seeking assistance for the school so that it can become sustainable for the community, and solvent for its director, Govinda.

We see a unique scenario unfolding at TriKA, where students not only from the general community are being served, but also those of the indigenous Tharu people on the periphery, as well. The school has access to clean water, and its facilities are some of the best in the region. If we can raise the necessary funds to create a program that hosts 100 students, we can ensure education for a generation who would otherwise lack that human right. A critical aspect of ensuring that education comes also with providing the funds for quality teachers. These benchmarks are our current focus and we’d love to have your assistance in getting there!

What Can You Do To Help?

1. Social networking is our greatest means of establishing widespread connection. It’s also one of the easiest ways for someone to help us reach our goals. That being said, we would be honored to have you as a part of our mission, and doing so is as easy as liking, following or sharing. We know it takes a community to do big things and we’re counting on our networks and supporters to make this dream happen for one rural school halfway around the globe. If you wish to make a donation to our cause, you can do so here.

2. We have numerous awareness campaign strategies that make it easy to help out. You are welcome to peruse this site and use anything here. We are unifying our approach to spreading awareness, and this is an easy and efficient way to join in!

3. If you are an individual and want to make a one time, or small recurring donation to TriKA you are cordially invited to participate to the extent that you are able.

Tripur Kinder Academy (TriKA) was founded by Govinda Prasad Panthy and is located in Dang, Nepal. Previous to running TriKA, Govinda ran the SAV School in Bageshwori, a few kilometers outside of Kathmandu.

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