Questions? We've got answers. Hopefully.

Please make sure that you finish the FAQ below.

Is My Donation Secure and Tax Deductible?

We primarily use PayPal or check deposits to complete donations and money transfers. Your information is not only encrypted when you visit our website, but when you leave to complete your contribution, as well. PayPal is one of the most secure online payment gateways in existence, and if you’d like to do a little reading on that please click here. 

The Open World Cause is a provisional non-profit and is recognized by the IRS and the state of Kansas. Your donation is considered tax deductible. 

Can You Send Items?

Typically, it has not worked to ship items internationally. The cost of getting the items there often exceeds the value of the goods themselves. We can, however, take a few things with us if we are traveling.

Please contact us if you have any intention of shipping items to any of our partnered schools or communities. 

Can We Do a Project With the Organization?

Yes, with some planning! We take on many classroom partnerships throughout the year and love working with all age groups. Children learn so much from connecting to individuals in other communities around the world and we love facilitating that experience. Please let us know by contacting us that you’d like to pursue a project!

Can We Hire a Presenter?

Absolutely. The issues we cover are related to the creation of non-profit initiatives in the classroom, inspiration for students and their dreams or even a breakout session on specific tools we have used. Please do use our booking page if you would like to pursue having one or more of our team members at your conference.

Additionally, a large percentage of our presentation costs are redirected back into the organization. This means that having us speak is a great way to donate to our cause!

Can We Video Conference?

Whether you’d like to video conference with members of the Open World team, or want to connect with one of our school directors for a chat with them or their students, we can definitely make that happen. This is one of our favorite ways to engage with others worldwide!

Can I Help Without Donating?

Of course! We would love to have you as a volunteer, online supporter or consultant. Please let us know your most capable areas of assistance and we will do our best to connect and work with you! 

You may also want to direct friends and family to our organization for any volunteering activities you think they might enjoy. We are always looking for a reason to spend time with and learn from new people everywhere.