Financial Summary

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Our Financial Summary

Thank you for your interest in our finances. Our organization is one that prides itself on offering over 90% of its donations to partnered communities. Below, you can find a button to open our most recent report.

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Goals for 2018

Following our goals to continue both supporting our partners in Nepal and pursuing new construction in Kenya, our position for 2018 involves recentering our focus on expanding more opportunities to each community, respectively. As previously noted, we plan to begin this year by wiring the $4,300 necessary to complete construction on the new classrooms for the HIP Academy. Once we have completed our cycle of funding for that project, we are ready to take on new, and perhaps unfamiliar, goals. 2018 will see us build on our financial and organizational capabilities by creating a more refined business model and manner of operating within our communities in a more balanced approach financially. While our team continues to grow and make that possibility more distinct, we are determined to ensure that our commitments and goals are seen through during that progression.

To start the year, we have a smaller carryover amount than the year previous at $2,347.74, but have created more sustainable connections with individuals in our support network. Though we cannot single out specific donors, we want to note that each person who has donated is as crucial to this organization and its success as our own team’s involvement. While we had over $24,000 in donations in 2015, much of this came from one time partners and companies who were looking to provide assistance to Nepal after their devastating earthquake. We are now building back up to these numbers with more sustainability and consistency. We will now also seek new assistance from renewable grants and capacitive expense coverages to maintain our growth and ability to thrive in our market.

Thank you for your dedication to learning more about us, our means and channels of funding allocation. We hope that this package proves useful in answering your questions, but please feel free to reach us with additional inquiries at: