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Join the Open World Cause Crew on its 2015 trip to Nepal!



Trip Overview

In 2010, The Open World Cause began as a high school project to raise $6,000 to bring two laptops, internet access to the SAV School in Bageshrowi, Nepal. The Open World team was inspired by principal Govinda Panthy, who founded the SAV School in 1998. He taught a low price education to the children from vulnerable populations and many he taught were now attending college. Open World expanded into a student organization at the University of Kansas that helped rebuild classrooms in the SAV School damaged from the monsoon, and provided clean water filters to the Bageshrowi community.

In May 2014, Govinda approached Open World and Nanri and Edukado, two educational organizations from Belgium, and asked if we would support his dream to start a new school in the Narayanpur community.. This school would serve children from an indigenous population known as the Tharu people. All three groups agreed, and Nanri and Edukado traveled to help the construction of the new school called TriKa.

Nanri and Edukado funded and sent a team to help build 3 classrooms while contributions from Open World helped install two washrooms at the school. The TriKa school was ready to serve 75 students, but only 24 children were in attendance. Open World was at a crossroads, we had the funding to build 2 additional classrooms and an office for the school, but would more students come if they were constructed?

We made a decision to travel to Nepal to find out if any structural issues were preventing more children from attending the TriKa school and if there was anything Open World could do to help solve them. We also set out to distribute clean water filters to the Naraynapur, collect quantitative data on the effectiveness that Govinda’s curriculum had on his past students at the SAV School.

While in Nepal, our on-the-ground surveying revealed that the lack of school lunch created a massive barrier for families wanting to send their children to school, leading Open World to fund an ongoing lunch program for TriKa. Open World was so thrilled in our findings that we moved forward with constructing the two additional classrooms and an office for the school. Two years after our trip, 77 children now receive an education led by Govinda and Sudha Panthy. After our 26 days in Nepal and seeing their work up close, Open World could not be prouder to be working with two educational visionaries.

To read our complete story about our experiences, discoveries, and breakthroughs in Nepal, peruse the gallery below.

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“It required a grand total of 42 hours through the air and on the ground (complete with an unexpected stop in India), but we made it, we finally made it.” – Open World Cause Facebook update, June 5th, 2015

“The home and school became our residence for three weeks. We encountered unrivaled beauty in the ways we would interact with the families, students, teachers and members of this community.” – Field Notes, Connor Janzen

The Journey Begins

Introductions and Surveying

Settling In

Parent Day and Departing Narayanpur

Adventures in Chitwan

Bageshrowi, Kathmandu and Today


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