Shoe Collection Campaign

Your gently used shoes can make a difference in the lives of others around the world!

Help Us Reach Our Goal

The Open World Cause is so excited to announce its shoe collection fundraiser in a partnership with Funds2Orgs, an organization dedicated to getting high quality shoes to the world’s underserved populations. The exciting thing about this drive is the opportunity to get anyone’s classroom or organization involved, and especially the learning and team-building opportunities that come with doing community drives that matter!

F2O Website: | OWC Website:

Here’s some information about how all of this works

  1. We plan a drive with you, your classroom, school, or organization.
  1. For each pair of 25 shoes collected using 33 gal. trash bags, Funds2Orgs will pay the Open World Cause $.40 per pound for gently worn, used and new shoes. If you plan on storing the shoes please use a dry, safe space.
  1. If you want to volunteer your school as a pickup location you will need to have enough space for a 26’ truck to load the bags and will need to provide a few volunteers to help their crew. This is completely optional.
  1. We will organize transportation to a general location to contribute to our larger collection to be donated in February of 2017.

Here’s what how the campaign unfolds on our end:

  1. We cannot accept damaged shoes, so holes in toes or soles falling off will make them ineligible for us to accept as a contribution.
  1. All collected shoes are stored in a dry facility at a central location for pickup by Funds2Orgs

  2. We consult with our fundraising coach at F2O on a weekly basis to provide updates on shoe collection numbers.

  3. Our desired number of collected bags is a minimum of 200 between all participating partners.

  4. Our end goal for amount of money raised is $2,000, but any amount above and beyond that will help our initiatives immensely!

These items are meant to answer a few general questions about the fundraising initiative, but if you have further concerns or inquiries please let us know! We also offer different forms of fundraising opportunity for classrooms that fall outside of this campaign, so if you are interested in one of those options we will be available to coordinate these efforts with you!

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