The Team Travels to Kenya

A portion of the team gets ready to board on the first leg of the trip!

On May 21st, the Open World Cause team begins their journey to join their already present Director of Humanitarian Relations, Melissa Collum, in Nairobi, Kenya.

This effort will be part of a collection of continued efforts related to HIP Academy in the small community of Kimilili. HIP is a school serving elementary students from vulnerable populations in Kimilili, a rural area in the northwestern part of the country. We are extending our outreach efforts by sending a team of educators to evaluate and recommend the hire of qualified teachers, while also launching educational programs, delivering resources to 25 families, and surveying the community to figure out how we can help provide the best education possible to the children of the school. This initiative will help to expand on the work done by our Director of Special Projects, Garrett Wilkinson, when he visited the community in early 2017.

A glimpse at some of the goodies for our friends made possible through donor support!

Traveling with the team will be items like water filters, educational kits courtesy of BreakoutEDU, school supplies and some curriculum-driven ideas about expanding instruction capabilities in the classrooms. These items were all made possible by our dedicated donor base and the beautiful, caring philanthropy of many individuals.

Stay tuned as we will continue to offer updates and new glimpses into our travels throughout the 10-day stretch of our experience!

Our teams consists of: Melissa Collum, Natalie Chabot, Ben Honeycutt, Connor Janzen, Brooke Anderson, John Martin and Hunter Martin.