Who We Are

Get to know our executive team and our other committed volunteers!
Ben Honeycutt
Executive Director

“What began as a simple high school project has become an effort that has reshaped my entire life.”

Connor Janzen
Chief of Operations

“Social equity and the value of knowledge-based engagement drive me and my involvement. This work sustains me.”

Abby Schletzbaum
Administrative Director

“I am really passionate about promoting equal access to education in Nepal and around the world.”

Garrett Wilkinson
Director of Special Projects

“I value compassion and civic responsibility. I believe that if we see a problem, we should fix it, because we can.”

Melissa Collum
Director of Humanitarian Projects

“The act of becoming a global citizen is not accomplished via words but through action. OWC is action.”

Devin Canfield
Kevin Newton
Lindsay Geller
Mauryn Kennedy

Driving Principles


Working through problems requires focus, but also the ability to redirect and navigate new solutions. Our organization continually faces challenges that must be addressed with a sense of adaptability. The Open World Cause has worked tirelessly to meet those challenges with that sense, and we will continually evolve in our endeavors. 

Digital Citizenship

The power of globalization through digital resources has utterly changed the way humans see and interact with the the rest of the world. We do our part to seek out common tools that can change a person’s life for the better. Immense power rests within our fingertips and in our devices, so what’s stopping us?


We don’t do anything in this world alone. Humanity works together to create amazing, ingenious solutions to each and every problem. Working with other organizations, teachers, students of all ages and our respective communities has lead to enormous leaps forward in our status as a non-profit working in various communities!

You can volunteer with us at any time! It can be simple, or more involved. We appreciate any and all help you are willing to offer!

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